Cuban-American singer Jorge Moreno was surprised to win a prize in the International Songwriting Competition, even though when he finished his work he realized it was "something special," he told Efe on Tuesday.

On May 13, a jury that included Peter Gabriel, Jeff Beck and Kelly Clarkson named Moreno the winner of the Music Video Prize for "Thank You," one of the more than 15,000 songs from 115 countries that had been entered in the contest.

"I made the video without a big production or much money. I thought I had a chance, but I never dreamed I would win," Morena, winner of the 2002 Latin Grammy for Best New Artist, told Efe.

The award has a very special significance for the 36-year-old Miami native, since the song is in sense a tribute to his father, music entrepreneur Tony Moreno, who died last year after a long illness.

In the video of "Thank You," more than 100 people the singer sees in airports, parks, restaurants or just walking down the street, carry signs saying why they give thanks to God.

Their answers range from humor to spirituality. Moreno's father is one of the participants. His sign says only "grandchildren."

"Seeing my dad happy with that sign is something that I will always have in my heart. When I made the video, I realized it was something special," Moreno, married for six years and the father of a 3-year-old boy and a girl of 2, said.