Hispanic television host Cristina Saralegui is set to relaunch her media career with a program on satellite radio that will go on the air a few months from now.

National Latino Broadcasting, LLC announced that as part of its multichannel agreement with Sirius XM Radio, it is joining forces with Saralegui to launch the Cristina Channel.

"The Cristina Channel on satellite radio will be a powerful addition to SiriusXM's world-class line-up of iconic talent and channels. NLB is committed to offering compelling programming across its channels, and is proud to welcome Cristina, the most influential name in Spanish media, to its family," NLB President and CEO Nelson Albared said.

The Cristina Channel will offer programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a spectrum of subject matter that includes news, entertainment, health and beauty, home improvements, family counseling, tourism, politics and more.

The Cuban-American show host, who was 21 years on television with "The Cristina Show," will air a program of interviews and specials on the topics of most interest to today's listeners.