Puerto Rican rapper Vico C and Ulises Eyherabide of the Argentine Christian rock band Rescate premiered on the radio Monday their new version of Rescate's "Soy Jose" (I Am Joseph).

Luis Armando Lozada, a.k.a. Vico C, told Efe that the purpose of the song was to draw a parallel with the Bible story of Joseph in Egypt, who was sold and abandoned by his brothers and who years later, when he could have taken revenge on his family and people, chose pardon and reconciliation instead.

The rapper said that in his part of the song he talks of being "the common man in the neighborhood, on the corner," a heroin addict maybe, but not necessarily "dead in spirit."

"One of the messages of the story in the song is that dreams given by God come true despite anything that may happen along the way," he said.

Eyherabide told Efe that he decided to choose Vico C for the new version of "Soy Jose" because the Puerto Rican rapper "is ahead of all the trends and fashions that this kind of music is following."

And also because the number "represents the spirit of both artists."

He said that Vico C "is a genuine person" in his career because "he has nothing to hide, no need to put on a mask," no fear of admitting his weaknesses and the battles he has lost.

The new version of "Soy Jose" is included on the CD "Arriba!" by Rescate.