Women! Whoever tries to understand them is making a mistake. Women are there to be cherished, to be loved," Spanish singer Julio Iglesias said in Bogota in one of the more intimate interviews he has given in recent years.

Iglesias spoke on Caracol Radio while on a trip to Colombia, where he is giving concerts starting Tuesday in Bogota and the northwestern city of Medellin.

"I've learned a lot from women - I realized that I was going to learn more from women than from men, and I fell deeply in love with them," Iglesias said.

The singer spoke of his marriage with Holland's Miranda Rijnsburger, whom he wed last year after being together for 20 years and having five kids with her.

"I thought that (the marriage) might be an anchor because my first marriage was something of an anchor," Iglesias said, referring to his first wife, the Filipino Isabel Preysler.

He then described his relationship with Miranda as a "wonderful love story": "I fly and I fly and I fly and I fly, and the more I fly, the more air I have - it's wonderful."

But he also joked about fidelity.

"I have to be pardoned because basically when you love something deeply and passionately, and you don't turn your back on what you love, you're not sinning. Sin is much more serious than that," Iglesias said, adding that in his case he has gone "at least three weeks" without sinning.

Speaking of his daughter-in-law Anna Kournikova, Iglesias said that she is an exceptional woman who loves his son Enrique, so that it seems to him they have a "perfect" relationship.

Iglesias will give his first concert Tuesday in Bogota before moving on to Medellin for another show, from where he will fly to London and then to Moscow.