Puerto Rico's Luis Fonsi is back in business with the kind of song that sold half a million copies of "Palabras de Silencio" (Words of Silence) in his rendering of "Gritar" (Crying Out), the first single of his new work that he describes as the type of ballad he truly favors because, as he puts it, "I like people to hear that choking back of tears."

"I want to bring people the message that sometimes we have to express ourselves and not be afraid to say or do what we want in life," the singer, who achieved his greatest international success with the number "No Me Doy por Vencido" (I'm Not Giving Up), told Efe on Monday.

The 33-year-old Fonsi, who sees himself as pretty much of a "fighter, persistent and stubborn," said he likes to give a "positive message" in his numbers and that all of them, including those that are pure fiction, contain a little something of himself.

"Tierra Firme" (Solid Ground), his new album, will be out June 28. Together again with producer Armando Avila for half of the songs, Fonsi sticks to the style that makes him feel "happier and more secure," namely pop ballads. But with "variations in style," he said.

"I like that up-and-down of romantic songs I call wrist-slashers mixed with numbers with a beat," said the singer-songwriter, who, as in all his work, closes the disc with a number that is minimalist both in lyrics and music, backed in this case with only a guitar and cello.