U.S.-based Cuban filmmaker Camilo Vila will premiere at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival "City of Gardens," a movie based on real events that occurred in Peru in 1980.

In a statement to Efe, Vila said that when he makes a film, he never thinks of conveying "a message" but rather of "making a quality movie that has a good screenplay, a production marked by work ethic and that has a moral."

"City of Gardens" is inspired by the story of Monty Fisher, an American teaching English in Peru who was jailed on trumped-up charges and spent the early 1980s in the Andean nation's worst prison.

Fisher is the film's producer and even wrote the original screenplay, which Vila later adapted to make it "more cinematographic," transforming the main character into a young American surfer falsely accused of drug trafficking.

Starring John Robinson and Alex Meraz, the film was shot last year in Peru, with postproduction done in Los Angeles in late April, just in time for it to be entered in the May 11-22 Cannes Film Festival.

Vila left Cuba in 1961, and after living in Miami, New York, Europe and Puerto Rico, moved to Los Angeles in 1985.