The glamour, the elegance and the calm beauty that made U.S. actress Grace Kelly (1928-1982) a legend have been on display in Sao Paulo starting Thursday thanks to an exhibit reviewing the life and career of the artist who ultimately became the princess of Monaco.

The exhibit, which gathers some 900 objects, includes photographs, portraits, letters and videos in which Kelly appears, and displays some of her jewelry and garments, along with an outfit she wore on the day she met Prince Rainier III of Monaco, whom she would later marry.

The Brazilian Art Museum of the Armando Alvares Penteado University Foundation, or Faap, will host the exposition until July 10, an exhibit that seeks to pay homage to Kelly and make her life better known to the public from her youth in Philadelphia through her official duties after she became a princess.

In touring the 14 rooms comprising the exhibit, visitors will be able to recall some of the most significant moments in Kelly's life, such as the night in 1954 on which she won an Oscar for her role in "The Country Girl," her relationship with suspense maestro Alfred Hitchcock and her elaborate wedding to Prince Rainier.

The exhibit, commissioned by French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand, was inaugurated Wednesday night by Kelly's son, Prince Albert of Monaco, and it is now open to the public.

The objects on display are all originals, with the exception of the wedding gown that Helen Rose, the fashion designer for Metro Golden Mayer and a friend of Kelly, created for her wedding on April 19, 1956.

As a source with the organization told Efe, the original gown has not been preserved and a replica is on display in the exhibit. In recent days, the design of the gown has been the subject of much media and social network buzz since it strongly resembles the wedding gown worn by Kate Middleton last Friday when she married Britain's Prince William.

The hats, gloves and sunglasses used by Kelly have a special place in the exhibit, but without any doubt the most prominent place is reserved for the almost mythic Hermes handbag bearing the actress's name that she made a fashion icon in the '50s and '60s after being photographed on numerous occasions with it.

Almost 30 years after her tragic death at age 52 when she suffered a stroke while driving and then crashed her car, Kelly continues to be an icon of style and a timeless reference point of femininity and elegance.