Greater Chicago's summer cycle of movies in Spanish known as Film in the Park begins this week with the Colombian production "El Paseo" (The Walk).

Residents of the Hispanic Chicago suburbs of Elgin and Waukegan will be able to see this 2010 work by Harold Trompetero outdoors on a big screen, as well as other films from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Spain.

The free shows are made available by the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago, an institution that for 27 years has organized a festival of Spanish-language films from Latin America and Spain.

Among the audience that can number as many as 500 people a night "there can be little kids, grandparents and even dogs," ILCC director Pepe Vargas said, adding that the programming is suitable for all ages.

The audience can come to the show at nightfall with chairs, blankets and sandwiches, while the Chicago Parks Department distributes popcorn and presents.

Besides "El Paseo," which opens the cycle at a park in the Mexican neighborhood of Little Village, the programming will offer every Wednesday such titles as "Aventura Verde" (Green Adventure) from Puerto Rico and "Anita" by Argentine director Marcos Carnevale.

Also included will be "My Mexican Shivah/Morirse Esta en Hebreo" (My Mexican Shivah/To Die For, It's in Hebrew), a U.S.-Mexican production by Alejandro Springal; "Ladrones a Domicilio" (Thieves at Home) by the Dominican Angel Muniz; and the Spanish film "Nacidas para Sufrir" (Born to Suffer) by Miguel Alabaladejo.

Vargas said that in this way the festival attracts a wide suburban audience that does not usually get to movie theaters downtown.

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