A documentary on the Discovery en Español channel shows the harsh reality of some of those who try to cross the southern U.S. border from Mexico, telling the tale in particular of the deaths of a group of 72 migrants.

"La ruta de la muerte" (The route of death) follows the journey of 72 immigrants who in August 2010 were kidnapped and murdered on a ranch in the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

The documentary, which will be shown on Oct. 16 at 9 p.m., returns to the site of the bloody massacre and in recreated scenes and the testimony of one of the survivors reconstructs the crime.

The program emphasizes the brutal reality experienced by tens of thousands of people who cross Mexico from south to north with the aim of getting into the United States to find work.

"La ruta de la muerte" follows the steps of a group of immigrants, one of them Marco, a Guatemalan making his third attempt to enter the United States illegally who was a witness to last year's killings.

It also presents the testimony of Ismael, a young Honduran whose sister, with whom he was traveling, was kidnapped in front of him.

The documentary also includes the opinions of experts and people linked with illegal immigration.

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