The series "I Love Jenni" was halfway through production when songstress Jenni Rivera died last December, so the final season of this popular Mun2 program will begin this Sunday with the last scenes filmed of the artist.

"We decided to continue season No. 3 of the 'I Love Jenni' series with the scenes she had finished," Rosie Rivera, sister of the late singer, told Efe.

"She had completed almost half the series and we decided not to shelve these treasures that were meant to be enjoyed by the whole family and all her fans," she said.

Dolores Janney Rivera was born July 2, 1969 in Long Beach, California, and died together with six companions on Dec. 9, 2012, when their plane crashed in a rural area of northern Mexico.

The popular singer of Mexican regional music launched "I Love Jenni" in March 2011.

"What we'll see on the air is what was happening in Jenni's life before she died, at work and at home," Rosie Rivera said in a television interview.

Rosie, who is married with a little girl and a baby on the way, was asked by Jenni to take care of her five children if she was ever missing for any reason.

"The series wasn't finished and there was no discussion about whether we would air the remaining material or not — we took a decision based on what we knew about Jenni," Rosie said.

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