Mexico's first division soccer clubs will be kicking orange-colored balls around the field starting next weekend as a reminder of the nation's fight against obesity.

The Liga Mx soccer league, the federal health department and other institutions on Tuesday launched their 2013 "Measure Yourself and Get Active" campaign to promote physical exercise in a country that is the world's worst for child obesity and second-worst for obesity in adults.

"Soccer has a responsibility because we are the image and example, and we must use that position to send a message to everyone who is watching us. The simple orange color sends a message that Mexico has a serious problem that affects everyone, and that is obesity," Liga Mx president Decio de Maria said.

Players will continue booting the orange balls until May 5, when the regular soccer season ends.

While the campaign lasts, the captains of each team will send messages recalling that in Mexico some 70 percent of adults are overweight.

This is the third time that Mexican soccer has taken part in a campaign to help eliminate the causes of obesity. 

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