Brady Magic Leads the Pats Over Romo and the Cowboys

Some of you are probably wondering why so far I’ve opened almost every Round up with QB Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys.

The answer is not because I’m a fan of the team but because they have one of the most bipolar up and down teams this season and Romo is one of the most prominent Latino football players out there.  So lets continue.

For the 5th time in five straight games it came down to the final minutes of the fourth quarter.  Shockingly the Boys controlled a large part of the game and had the lead with just over two minutes to play over the mighty New England Patriots.

Romo couldn’t do anything with his second to last possession and the Patriots offense led by the newly haircutted QB Tom Brady (I know that’s not a word and it happened weeks ago but I want to bring it up) was ready to march.

Brady was having a tough day but was able to overcome it because, and this is my theory, he made a pact with Satan that allows him to impregnate attractive actresses and Brazilian models like Giselle and wear Ugg boots without getting made fun of.

Brady ran his two-minute drill and threw an 8-yard touchdown pass to tight end Aaron Hernandez giving the Cowboys 22 seconds to win the game.

They didn’t, Pats won 20-16.  I wept like a child while my friend Kristin laughed maniacally as she ate pulled pork.  You win again Kristin... you win.

As Brady marched his team to another thrilling victory and toward yet another playoff run I can’t help but admit that he may be the greatest QB since Joe Montana.

Also, I wonder if while he leads his team to victory in the 4th quarter Bad Company’s “Shooting Star” is playing in his head.  I imagine it is.

To sum it up, Dallas couldn’t hold on and the Pats are pretty, pretty good.

Latino’s Have a Quiet Day

No news making headlines for New York Giants WR Victor Cruz.  The G-men beat the Buffalo Bills 27-24 and stand with a 4-2 record.  Cruz had two receptions for twelve yards and all the people who started him in Fantasy Football this week reportedly kicked their computer monitors.

In Atlanta the Falcons took on the Carolina Panthers in an NFC south matchup.  Falcons won 31-17 but TE Tony Gonzalez was held to 3 receptions and 29 yards.

Meanwhile first year head coach Ron Rivera’s Panthers fell to 1-5. Sure they’ll have a great team next year but one must believe that they better salvage some of the season if he wants to make it to next year unscathed.

The Philadelphia Eagles finally won a game ending their four game skid, moving to 2-4 on the season, by beating the overrated and undeserving division leading Washington Redskins.

QB Rex Grossman threw four picks for the Skins and Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo avoided being chased down at Lincoln Financial field like the Frankenstein monster from angry fans, at least for the rest of this week.

Monday Night Sanchize

The New York Jets look to plug the holes in their sinking ship this week.  But it’s going to be tough because there be a mutiny aboard.


Pirate talk aside this week there was some internal kerfuffles at MetLife stadium.

According to the Wall Street Journal, people are mad at offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and the plays he’s calling.  WR Derrick Mason was traded this week and many think it’s because he said the team had “cracks.”

According to ESPN, WR Santonio Holmes this week blamed the offensive line for their losing.  Guard Brandon Moore took offense to that (no pun intended).

Meanwhile people are expecting QB Mark Sanchez, the three-year vet, to grab the reigns of his team and sort this all out.  Or maybe that’s just me.

We’ll see if the Sanchize can lead by example tonight as his Jets take on the winless Miami Dolphins.

There isn’t a better time to get it together than against a Fins team that is at rock bottom.  The Jets are 2-3.

Victor Garcia is a freelance reporter with Fox News Latino.

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